Palmetto Woodturners is a growing, active, fun group of individuals with a common interest in creating practical and attractive turned wood objects. We make platters, plates, bowls, vases, dishes, hollow forms, pens, bottle stoppers, Christmas ornaments, bird houses, and other practical and decorative items. Some members turn woods commonly available in our area while others work with exotic woods from around the world.

Club membership ranges in age from pre-teen to seasoned citizen. Our experience levels range from novice to professional. Family participation is encouraged. Three generations of one family attend regularly and some of our members are couples.

Our members form strong friendships, often meeting in small groups for "sawdust sessions" in each others' shops. We are quick to share our knowledge as well as our sources of turning wood and supplies. Some members offer tutoring in basic woodturning while others can provide professional-level instruction.

We gratefully acknowledge the support provided by Mann Tool and Supply. If you visit one of our meetings, be sure to take a few minutes to browse the product selection of South Carolina's premier supplier of professional and hobbyist hand and power tools and accessories.

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